Venkatesh makes new director compromise for Puri       2016-12-28   22:32:34  IST  Raghu V

Puri Jagannath hasn’t been in decent form at least, for a two years and so on. Speaking only boxoffice, Businessman was his last film which recovered the invested money completely. Speaking about content, Temper was his last good film, which wasn’t penned by him. Three disasters in a row after that. Nevertheless, the brand name of Puri still works.

Victory Venkatesh and Puri Jagannath are teaming up for an action film. Apparently, the character design of Venkatesh in the script is something which brought him to the project. That’s good and fine, betting on an expensive but experienced horse isn’t that bad.

But, for this film, Venkatesh made Kishore Tirumala compromise. Didn’t get it ? The shoot of “Aadaallu Meeku Joharlu” will be delayed just because Venky wants to start Puri’s film first. Kishore’s last film, Nenu Sailaja is a Blockbuster and Puri’s last outing was a disaster. Here, Venky preferred brand name over form.