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Huge Burden On Kalyan Ram

As Balakrishna seems to have taken a temporary retirement from films to fulfill his political dreams, there is a lot of pressure now on Junior NTR and kalyan ram to impress the Nandamuri admirers who have been waiting for a solid hit since long time. In fact, the Nandamuri family seems to have fallen back in the race of Tollywood where heroes from other celebrity families are frequently shaking the BO. In the absence of Balakrishna, its like their team playing without a captain yet the kind of pre-release business Junior NTR’s ‘Baadshah’ is making will be a matter of relief.

Meanwhile, the stress will be on kalyan ram because of his first attempt on 3D format for a regular commercial potboiler of ‘Om.’ Reports say that, ‘Om’ will be a high action revenge drama shot on very high budget in the direction of Suneel Reddy. As we know that NKR is also the producer, it is a huge burden on him to satisfy both Fans and general public. Wish that, he will emerge victorious.

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