Chandrababu Political Strategy To Defeat YCP

Chandrababu Political Strategy to Defeat YCP

TDP leader Chandrababu is making many attempts to gain a defeat YCP in all matters .As part of this, Chandrababu is making strategic plans … trying to increase various pressures on the YCP government with the help of the media in their favor.

 Chandrababu Political Strategy To Defeat

Highlighting the failures of the schemes implemented by the government, Jagan is working to curb the craze for the government among the people.Also, all the YCP leaders are doing rhetoric and gangsterism and saying that they are robbing the people.

Attempts are being made to reach out to more people by putting up pressmeets that do not even give respect to women.But the YCP government is enchanting the TDP by setting up a strong system to get the upper hand in all matters.

Especially since the Jagan government came to power and set up a system of volunteers in all 175 constituencies … trying to find out if every 50 families are receiving government schemes regularly.Also the pensions, rations and other welfare schemes provided by the government directly through the volunteer system, without the need for public representatives, are a plus for the YCP.It seems that CM Jagan is looking to tidy up all the work through the volunteer system in the coming elections as well.Recognizing this, TDP … Chandrababu decided to set up a volunteer system with activists to compete with the current volunteer system.

The plan is to hire a volunteer for every 50 families on behalf of the party and give them some honorarium.Volunteers recruited by the TDP would go to the 50 houses allotted to them and explain in detail the failures of the YCP government and the difference between the Chandrababu-Jagan regime.

Although the Telugu Desam Party is not in power in the AP, it has a strong cadre.The support of some major social groups is absolutely there.

With this, the TDP leaders are now in the process of identifying those who have worked tirelessly for the party and recruiting them as volunteers.The Telugu Desam Party is of the view that change in the people can be brought about only through them.

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