Symptoms, Causes And Treatment Of Penis Cancer  

Symptoms, Causes And Treatment Of Penis Cancer -

Ever heard of penile cancer? Probably, the men world is mostly unaware of the existence of penile cancer.We would say, the population of breast cancer illiterates in women is very much lesser than when compared with the penile cancer illiterates.

But penile cancer is equally fatal with breast cancer.There are types of penile cancer, namely HPV (Human papillomavirus infection). - Symptoms, Causes And Treatment Of Penis Cancer-Telugu Health Tips-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image

As per stats, almost 48% of men with HPV develop penile cancer.Age is another case which can bring cancer.

Genital warts, if severe and not treated at the time may also cause penile cancer.This shouldn’t surprise you, even smoking habit can cause cancer to your private cancer.

Now the concern is, how to recognize if you have cancer in the penis.There are symptoms down here.

* There will be a discharge, of course with foul smell under the foreskin.

* Probably, there will be a swelling at the end of the penis.

* A growth or ulcer on the penis, commonly seen on the glans or the foreskin.

* Marks below the foreskin or on the body of the penis, mostly in brown colour.

* Thickening of the skin over the penis is another symptom of penile cancer.Ij addition, reddish or a velvety rash below the foreskin.

* Lymph nodes in the groin.

* Not severe but tiny bumps beneath the foreskin.

If they are huge, that’s a big concern.

* Change in the skin tone of the penis.

* Blood oozing at the tip of the penis or below the foreskin.

* Pain in the tip of the penis.

Treatment :

The doctor will test your medical history along with your family medical background.Imaging tests and biopsy are other two test to be conducted.

There are three types of treatments available for penile cancer.One is Surgery, the other two are Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy.

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