Is Eating Overripe Bananas Good For Health?

Is eating overripe Bananas good for health?

* At first place, you should not bother about calories while eating a Banana since you already know the fact Banana is best known for the highest calorie count.But if you still feel the overripe banana would carry extra calories, don’t worry, overripe banana carries the same amount of calories what a ripe banana does.

 Is Eating Overripe Bananas Good For Health?

* A fun fact, the overripe banana does contain a high amount of antioxidants than what a normally ripen banana has.Wonder how? It’s because the brown spots what you see in an overripe banana are because of the chlorophyll breakdown which next gets converted into antioxidants.So, you can feel like eating an avocado while eating the overripe banana since it carries a great bank of antioxidants.

* Simple carbohydrates or lighter carbohydrates are the other perks of eating an overripe banana.

The starch in overripe banana changes pretty much with the age.The complex carbohydrates become simple carbohydrates.But remember, this is not for sugar patients.

* Speaking facts, in an overripe banana, the micronutrients may decrease as the fruit has aged.

Water-soluble vitamins, such as vitamin C, folic acid, and thiamin, are expected to decrease with time.time.

But remember, the potassium content almost remains the same.So, a banana, even an overripe one would still relax your muscles.

* Overripe banana works on :

* Ulcers
* Depression
* Heartburn
* Anemia
* PMS problems
* Constipation

Note : Overripe bananas have loads of sugars and simple carbohydrates.So, sugar patients should avoid eating them.

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