5 Real Women Talk About $ex During Periods  

5 Real Women Talk About $ex During Periods -

“I really feel hornier during the periods.I can’t point out a particular reason why but maybe because I am wetter down there, it makes me more aroused.

But you can’t blame men for not having a penetration during periods as no one really feels comfortable with blood.Unfortunately, even an oral is too much to ask.With a condom, you can have a safe session but again you can’t force it on him”

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“No woman, at least I can deny that $ex during periods would provide me with some kind of relief.Science says it does.

I tried and had a great time with the partner.You should be more careful in periods as it can get you or your partner an STD easily.Usage of a condom is compulsory.Besides, you are prone to STD, there are also chances of pregnancy.Yes, period $ex is not always safe”

“It makes me happier than ever.When he doesn’t hide from in such a time, I get connected to him more on emotional lines.

Talking the physical pleasure, yeah it makes me go heaven.I really do like having a session in periods.

It helps me in numerous ways mentally and physically.It gives a relief from the cramps”

“It’s a hard time in a relationship every month.

You need him with you both mentally and physically but somewhere down the line, you can’t force him for what you go with the hygiene.If you feel horny, better ask him to participate in foreplay and stimulate the breasts as he can neither go down to you nor penetrate at comfort.”

“$ex in periods help each other as there blossoms a great bonding between you and him.My breasts go perky and I suggest him to concentrate on them.Penetration is still an option if you are adopting safety measures.Neck kisses, lip locks, and nipple stimulation would still help if he is not comfortable with hygiene issues.”


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