7 Habits That Raise Bad Cholesterol Levels

* Taking less calcium :

 7 Habits That Raise Bad Cholesterol Levels-TeluguStop.com

We often take calcium as a mineral that only promotes bone and brain growth.Yes, calcium is essential to strengthen bones but the benefits of calcium don’t end there.

Calcium is equally important to reduce cholesterol levels in our body.Researches say that.

* Bakery food intake :

All we have is bakery food outside home? Isn’t that true? Yes, because bakery foods carry more calories than organic food and our stomach feels the completion of hunger with bakery food.But bakery food items are probably the biggest reasons why most of use are suffering with high cholesterol levels.

* Too much alcohol :

How does alcohol contribute to bad cholesterol growth? Is that what you are thinking? Even alcohol has bad fats.Too much intake of alcohol not only injects toxins into your body, but also increases cholesterol levels.

* Not taking healthy fats :

As there is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, there are healthy fats and unhealthy fats.For example, Avacado fruit consists of good fats.

While avoiding bad fats, you should also take good fats.Good fats will maintain good cholesterol levels and bad fats are responsible for bad cholesterol levels.

* Wrong non veg items :

Meat is good for health as long as it is providing you the right amount of proteins.Chicken gives healthy proteins if taken in right proportions.

Beef and pork gives bad cholesterol levels to your body.So, choosing the right non veg items is important.

* Not taking fibre :

Fibre is very important for healthy digestion and healthy metabolism rate.Both keep your stomach and blood vessels healthy and clean.

If there is no right intake of fibre, it gives a chance to bad cholesterol to rise up.So you need to eat fibre containing foods on regular basis.For example, guava, leafy green vegetables, sprouts etc.

* No control on body weight and stress :

Over BMI is never healthy.It triggers high cholesterol levels in your body.Regularly keep an eye on your body weight and stay fit.Also manage your stress levels.Even hormonal imbalances will effect your cholesterol levels.