Bandi Sanjay Started Political Race On Kcr

Bandi Sanjay Started Political Race on Kcr

Leaders dissatisfied with Bandi Sanjay and qeustioned .Will you change your opinion .? the dissatisfaction that started in the party against bandi sanjay what is the real reason The BJP, which is the only party in Telangana, came on the swing for the first time with the last parliamentary elections.However, at a time when the party was not getting enough support, the BJP central leadership handed over the reins of the state to Karimnagar MP Bandi Sanjay.As everyone expected .As everyone wanted .With the election of Bandi Sanjay as the state president, it must be said that the BJP got good mileage.After that, Bandi Sanjay … severely criticized the TRS and the Chief Minister KCR in his daily style.

 Bandi Sanjay Started Political Race On

The BJP has been steadily gaining popularity in the state since Bandi Sanjay became president.Young people in particular have joined the BJP panchayat on a large scale.

At the same time, Rewant Reddy’s becoming the state chief for the Congress has at once given a boost to state politics.

The politics of Telangana has become a hot topic on a large scale as the bullets of power and the bullets of words between each party explode day by day.However, it is known that the recent remarks made by Chief Minister KCR on the Union Budget and the verbal attack on the BJP have become a hot topic for once.However, after that, Bandi Sanjay failed to give a strong counter to KCR’s remarks on the BJP.It seems that own party leaders have expressed dissatisfaction with Bandi Sanjay for failing to give a counter in the wake of news that even the unemployed are not satisfied.However, in his press meet, KCR expressed the view that the BJP was provoking the unemployed for its political rise with the KCR One Sided War in a situation where the BJP was going to the people as the second alternative party in Telangana.

There is a situation where the S party is making comments targeting the BJP.However, there is a possibility that the BJP will take up many other activities in the coming days as the confidence of the unemployed has been eroded.However, the favorable political climate for the TRS party is likely to grow further after the job notifications are granted.That is why in the coming days, Bandi Sanjay is likely to act more cunningly against Chief Minister KCR

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Bandi Sanjay Started Political Race On Kcr - Telugu Bandisanjay, Telugu #Shorts

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