\'pained, Anguished\': Rs Chairman On His Video Greeting Pm Going Viral

‘Pained, anguished’: RS Chairman on his video greeting PM going viral

New Delhi, Dec 7 : Rajya Sabha Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar on Thursday expressed pain and anguish after a video showing him greeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi with folded hands went viral on social media platforms.

 'pained, Anguished': Rs Chairman On His Video Greeting Pm Going Viral-TeluguStop.com

Underscoring that it’s his habit to respect everyone, he said by circulating the video, the people are deriding the tradition and culture of the country.

Dhankhar made the remarks soon after the House met this morning.

Exchanging greetings with the members with folded hands, he said, “Members, now I am also watching carefully how to bow, whom to bow before, who will put it on Instagram, and who will post on Twitter and who will start judging the strength of my spine.

“I want to clarify that bowing and greeting is my habit.I do not see who is in front of me.You are all very respectful.Sometimes I feel pained.There is a limit to stooping low,” the Chairman said while expressing his anguish.

“I can also express my pain and anguish but the dangerous part is that when I did so with one of the senior leaders it resulted in a more challenging scenario as it was put on Twitter,” he said without taking names.

He added that he is a modest man away from arrogance “By nature I am humble.If I am not, I will try to be more humble.

We should not joke with our traditional culture system.It is our traditional culture to bow down and give respect.Sadly, the pain has been inflicted by the people whom I respect a lot.”

Notably, a video of the Vice-President greeting the Prime Minister with hands folded during a programme in Parliament to pay tributes to Dr B.R.Ambedkar on his death anniversary is going viral on social media.



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