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Akkineni Fans Angry On Samantha Hot Photos

Nagachaitanya has already stated several times that he has no problem with Samantha continuing in movies and it’s up to her, when she has to quit and till where she has to go. Chaitu added that he respects Samantha for whatever she has achieved being an outsider from film industry and he can’t take away that. How matured Samantha’s dear boyfriend is. But, Akkineni fans have got problems with Samantha. They are furious over the actress seeing the new JFW magazine photoshoot stills.

As you have seen, Samantha was looking smoking hot in her latest photoshoot exhibiting some skin show. Now, this is why Akkineni fans are disappointed Samantha as she is going to the future Akkineni lady. You know, so called “Conservative thinking”. They feel that Samantha is doing harm to the reputation of Akkineni family.

If Nagarjuna or Nagachaitanya ever come across such weak statements coming from Akkineni fans, they would really fully disappointed.

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