Top 10 Most Scariest Horror Film You Should Watch

Top 10 most scariest horror film you should watch

We know it’s just a film.We know whatever is going on screen isn’t real.

 Top 10 Most Scariest Horror Film You Should

We know no one is dying and we know no one is drinking blood.But still, we feel petrified while watching a horror movie.

No matter we believe in the existence of ghost or not, we still don’t prefer watching a horror movie at night times.Quite a human thing you see.So, today we brought up top 10 list of most scariest horror movies of all time.Read this list alone, but don’t try to watch these movies alone.

10) Paranormal Activity – 2007

More than a film, this is a cinematic footage.Made with just $15,000, this film went on collecting over $193M.Imagine how interesting this could be.

9) Drag Me to Hell – 2009

This film has one of the most scariest scenes of all time.No wonder it has won the best horror film award at the 2009 scream awards and saturn awards.The film collected three times of it’s budget.

8) The Orphanage – 2007

If you are horror film fan in real, you should probably not miss this one.This Spanish film has taken the world by surprise and horror.It’s an experience of horror.

7) Oculus – 2014

A personal suggestion, don’t miss this unique horror film.More than horror elements, the screenplay of the film will keep you in suspense and thrill.Definitely a concept oriented horror film unlike many show off films

6) The Exorcist – 1973

Believe us, in the year 1973 Hollywood pulled off a horror classic.The 12 year old girl in the film made people live in fear at the time when horror genre was barely known and touched.

5) Maya – (Mayuri) 2015

Don’t get surprised to see a South Indian film making into the list.Actually you will not feel surprised if you have watched this excellent horror thriller which runs on an out of the boxoffice theme and unusual screen play.

4) Lights out – 2016

Even this is a unique film with Supernatural elements.Guess what ? The demon creeps you only in the darkness and it can’t tolerate light.It’s a very short and very engaging piece of work.

3) The Conjuring 2 – 2016

The Conjuring 1 was a massive success at box-office.May be we had too high expectations as the sequel fell short of our expectations.But still, it is one of the finest horror films ever made.

2) The Cabin the Woods – 2011

Not exactly the most terrifying movie but it has an engaging content with right mixture of horror elements.Instant favorite of many and that’s why it has been rated 92% on rotten tomatoes.

1) The Conjuring – 2013

Many horror films came till now and many will come.But this film will remain the most famous horror film of all time if not the most scariest or favorite.But there is one thing which no one can argue, Conjuring is scary.

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