Tollywood Mother Characters Remuneration|అమ్మ పాత్రల్లో కనిపించే ఈ నటీమణుల రెమ్యునరేషన్ ఎంతో తెలుసా?

Tollywood mother characters remuneration|అమ్మ పాత్రల్లో కనిపించే ఈ నటీమణుల రెమ్యునరేషన్ ఎంతో తెలుసా?

We all know how much star actors and actress get paid per film and the side character artists for mother and Grand mother roles are getting same way as actress and actor are getting paid.these actors were once heroines and now they are getting paid for mothers characters.

 Tollywood Mother Characters

Just like Pawan Kalyan starrer and Trivikram direction Atthareintiki Daredi in this movie heroine Nadiya acted as a mother for Heroines Samantha and Pranitha Subhash.She gets paid 2 – 3 Lakhs per day.Senior Actress Jayasudha who plays a role of Mother and Grand mother and she gets paid for 2 Lakhs per day.Actress Revathi gets paid for 25 Lakhs per movie and Pavithra Lokesh Charges around 60,000.and Thulsi charges 35,000 per day and Veteran Actress Ramya Krishnan Charges 1 Lakh per day.

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