Samantha as heroine in Nagarjuna’s film       2017-01-06   21:38:12  IST  Raghu V

We all know that Nagarjuna and Samantha are future Father in law and daughter in law. Now this heading might eat your brain with a question “how come Samantha act as a heroine in Nagarjuna’s film?”. Yes, for some social traditions, Samantha wouldn’t or shouldn’t act as a heroine alongside Nagarjuna, but what’s wrong in acting as a heroine in Nagarjuna’s film? Didn’t get it ?

Nagarjuna is going to be a part of Raju Gaari Gadhi 2, if reports are to be believed. She will be seen as the female lead but not as the love interest of Nagarjuna. Both are playing characters and for the importance of their characters they should be called as hero and heroine. If you know, Heroine is some female who leads the story, not just the love interest of hero.

Anchor turned director Omkar will direct this sequel in the production of PVP. All other details will be announced soon.