Top 10 Tollywood Romantic Songs  

Top 10 Tollywood Romantic Songs -

Don’t you think it was about time your crush noticed you? Well, maybe he won’t do it if you don’t take the first step, who knows for how long they have been waiting? Be that brave guy or girl and express your love to someone right now!

Romance is not always about red roses all around the floor or a cup of wine near the fireplace.It’s also about the lovely songs you choose to share with each other.

We made a compilation of the most romantic songs in Tollywood, for you to share with your lover.Keep it simple, and maybe even try singing for the first time a line of these songs, even if you’re not a great singer, the gesture is all that matters to the love of your life. - Top 10 Tollywood Romantic Songs-Telugu Stop Exclusive Top Stories-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image

Try spicing up your life for a little bit by trying new things every day.This is one of them.Since the Telugu movie industry is always going towards romance and action films, there are a lot of loviedovie songs so let’s take a look at the most romantic Tollywood songs that you should hear at least once in your life

#1.Mirchi Songs | IdedoBagundi:

It is one of the best songs in the Telugu movie industry.What makes this love song even more lovable are AnushkaShetty and Prabhas, the Tollywoodstars that will take your romance to another level.This is definitely the best heartwarming song to sing to someone tonight, if you’re feeling up for it, of course! IdedoBagundi writes the most romantic lines and lyrics in the whole Tollywood.Big up for this masterpiece!

#2.Nee Jathaga :

This song comes from the most romantic movies in the Telugu movie industry.Called an “inseparable bond between two persons”, meaning the connection two people feel while falling in love with each other every day.What makes it even better, all those famous and big stars of the Tollywood industry like Ram Charan, AlluArjun, Shruti Hassan, and Kajal.Don’t miss the chance of listening to this beautiful song.

#3.ItuItuAniChitikeluEvvarivo :

This great and popular song comes from the dramatic movie Kanche, featuring VarunTej, PragyaJaiswal, and NikitinDheer in the lead roles.Will love survive through the war times? Well, it’s up to you to find out.This is the most romantic song you’d sing to your girlfriend to make her happy.Try it, and you will thank us later.

#4.Kannullo Nee Roopame :

You’ve probably seen the saddest romantic movie in the Telugu movie industry.NinnePelladatha featuring Nagarjuna and Tabu, the best actors of their time, is about the romance born between two young people that fell in love when Tabu comes in town for training.They thought they had their family’s approval, but before their marriage, her parents take her away to marry with somebody else, somebody she doesn’t love! So this is the best song if you want an evening full of emotions with your partner.Start listening to it right now:

#5.AkasamAmmayaithe :

This truly beautiful love song comes from the action movie called Gabbar Singh.And it is about a boy that runs away from home, hated by his own father and step-brother, coming back later on as a police inspector fighting crime.You might be surprised that an action movie would pull off such a good love song, but here it is, enjoy it:

#6.Tanemandho Ando Ledho :

The love story between Ganesh and Divya.Or more to say the love story of only Divya at the beginning.

Ganesh happens to fake his love to her for some other ambitions, but she finds out, and then he starts falling in love with her.Will he be able to express his true love to Divya, and convince her that he loves her after what happened? Well girl, don’t let him off so easily! This beautiful love song comes from the movie Ganesh Just Ganesh.Consider singing it to your love tonight:

#7.KonchemuKonchemu :

This gorgeous romantic song comes from the cooperation of Tollywood and Bollywood in one place, in the fantasy movie called ‘Eega’, by K.V.Vijayendra Prasad and directed by his son, S.S.Rajamoul.Telugu and Tamil industries gathered in one place.Take a look at the best song they could make together:

#8.Yedhiyedhi :

Drama, comedy, romance all in one! If you’re feeling a little bit of each one tonight then maybe this is the right choice to listen to with your loved one.This masterpiece comes from the movie YetoVellipoyindiManasu, a Telugu romantic/drama movie that was released in 2012.Take a look and change your mood, don’t let yourself feel sad for another second.

#9.KanulanuThaake :

This lovely song comes from the movie called Manam.What is better than some sort of fantasy in combination with comedy? A boy that both parents die when he’s young, but he becomes the reincarnation of both of them and tries the best to keep them together.That’s very cute, isn’t it? Romance doesn’t miss in this one either, take a look:

#10.KailoveChedugudu :

The best song of them all, probably! The melodic tunes will definitely melt your heart upon listening.It comes from the movie Alai Payuthey, involving marriage, death, and trauma altogether.A couple that decides to marry very fast and at a young age, and all the difficulties they have to endure during their new marriage.

But this is definitely one of the most romantic songs you will ever hear.So take a break and express your love to your soulmate while it is not too late.

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