Saiyami Calls For Cycling-friendly Infra In Mumbai; Says There\'s Been A Spike In Accidents

Saiyami calls for cycling-friendly infra in Mumbai; says there’s been a spike in accidents

Mumbai, April 1 : Actress and an avid cyclist Saiyami Kher has voiced her concerns regarding the safety of cyclists in Mumbai amid the city’s ongoing infrastructure development.

 Saiyami Calls For Cycling-friendly Infra In Mumbai; Says There's Been A Spike

The actress highlighted the challenges posed by the narrowing of roads due to the construction of metro tracks, flyovers, and coastal roads, leaving little space to ride safely.

Saiyami said: “There’s been an increasing number of cyclists facing accidents and unsafe environments.The entire city is dug up, every major and smaller connecting road, making it difficult for cyclists to navigate.”

“This has not only been an inconvenience and should be addressed, but the fact that it has also led to people’s death is really shocking,” she said.

The actress said that every “city should have infrastructure for open air fitness options of which cycling is a major option for many, and to know that this can be hazardous is really sad.”

“The authorities need to do more and do better, the current conditions aren’t conducive for anyone to take health and fitness in open spaces in Mumbai given the current scenario,” she added.

As a cyclist herself, Saiyami emphasises on the importance of wearing safety gear and taking precautions while cycling.



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