Pension Proposed For Elderly Inmates Of West Bengal’s Open Correctional Homes

Pension proposed for elderly inmates of West Bengal’s open correctional homes

Kolkata, April 1 : The West Bengal government has mooted a plan to introduce old-age pension for those inmates of open correctional homes who have crossed the age of 60 and also lost their ability to earn a living.

 Pension Proposed For Elderly Inmates Of West Bengal’s Open Correctional

A senior official from the state correctional services said that the difference between the inmates in regular correctional homes and those in open correctional homes is that people in the second category have to earn a living to meet their expenses.

“The state government takes their financial responsibility only for the first three months after the inmates are transferred to open correctional homes.After three months, they are allowed to go outside and do some work to meet their daily expenses at the home.

They go out to work, and return to the home at sunset after purchasing items for their daily necessities, including food,” the official said.

However, he added that recently a communication had been received from the authorities of one of the three open correctional homes in the state.

The communication pointed out that this particular clause of paying for their own expenses is causing difficulties for aged inmates who have lost their ability to go out every day and earn money to fulfill their needs.

“While the communication has come from one open correctional home, the other two such homes also have similar inmates who are unable to earn a living.

That’s why the plan was mooted for the possibility of introducing some token old-age pension for such inmates.

“However, it is only at a discussion level and its implementation will take some time and it will have to be cleared by the state cabinet,” the department official said.

The West Bengal correctional services minister, too, said that the proposal might be considered once it is placed in the state Cabinet.



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