Olivia Wilde Calls Justin Bieber \'greatest Singer On Earth\'

Olivia Wilde calls Justin Bieber ‘greatest singer on Earth’

Los Angeles, Sep 21 : Actress Olivia Wilde has her own favourite singer which is pop star Justin Bieber who she proceeded to call the ‘greatest singer on Earth’.

 Olivia Wilde Calls Justin Bieber 'greatest Singer On Earth'-TeluguStop.com

The actress and director, 39, appeared on an episode of ‘SubwayTakes’, a one-minute talk show set on the New York City subway, and revealed her very own hot take: ‘people who are good at singing shouldn’t be allowed to do karaoke’, ‘People’ reported.

Wilde explaining her reasoning behind her statement, told show host Kareem Rahma after being asked a hypothetical question that mentioned Justin Bieber, prompting the ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ director to interrupt and say “The greatest singer on Earth,” referencing Bieber.

Wilde — who famously dated pop star Harry Styles for nearly two years before their split last November — previously made waves back in 2013 after a rash of Bieber fans came after her on ‘X’ for writing that the then-19-year-old singer needed to “put your f*****g shirt on” after he was photographed sans top out in London.

She later clarified during an appearance on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ that she was simply “concerned” about Bieber in the freezing London cold, and that her post was “misunderstood” and was “said with love”.

While Bieber’s take on karaoke remains to be seen, he has made several notable appearances on ‘Carpool Karaoke’ with James Corden, singing everything from his own hits to Alanis Morissette’s ‘Ironic’, which he called his “shower song”.

Elsewhere in the ‘SubwayTakes’ segment, Wilde explained her position, arguing that karaoke simply isn’t made for people who are actually vocally blessed.

“They can go get paid to do that.We in the non-good singing community paid to be able to go and sing.We pay good money to be able to go and sing… badly,” she said.

“I’m terrible at karaoke, but that’s the point.I take pride in being booed off because that’s great.

You just get the turnover and that’s the next song now.We don’t need to sit through a cover.If I wanted to hear a cover, I would just listen to the real song.”

She continued: “It doesn’t even matter how good you are.Like there’s no singer good enough that I want to see them do karaoke well.”



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