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అలా చేస్తే అమ్మాయిలకి సెక్స్ మీద ఇంటరెస్టు పెరుగుతుందట-Women Show More Interest In $ex With Change Of $ex Angles – Study

Anything repetitive might look and sound boring by the passage of time. Here anything includes even $ex. Not just low $ex drive or erectile dysfunction, even a repetitive $ex position would make your $ex life irregular and boring. Same or repeated $ex position would turn off women, says $exologist group in Canberra.

This research group has conducted a study on more than 5500 women ageing from 22-35. They have asked several questions to them asking what makes them turn off from $ex. There was no clear result as the women went narrating their own personal reasons. Then, the group asked them whether they would feel bored of doing $ex in usual and repetitive $ex positions? 72% said that $ex becomes boring if partners are making out in daily routine pattern or same $ex position.

“Survey results clearly suggest that women in the modern era want something exciting and new on regular basis. Just like we feel boring of watching a same story, partners would feel unexcited of making out in same $ex position. Instead, both men and women should try to be different from the other day. There are hundreds of $ex positions. You need not study $exology for trying a different $ex position. Even a simple search on Google will help. So, trying different $ex positions on different days will spice up things and make women participate in $ex with much more interest” said Dr. Mitchell Shelton.

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