What Is Chandrababus Response To The Incident

What is Chandrababus response to the incident

Vijayawada Latest News Minister Vellampalli Srinivas on girl suicide This is a very unfortunate incident.The baby was in great distress.

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TDP leader Vinod Jain blamed the sin on trouble.Family members said the sin was so annoying that it bothered them.Baby Grandfather Retired Emaruo.He came to Vijayawada from Eluru for children and settled down.50-year-old Vinod Jain behaved badly.Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy orders justice for sins.Chief Minister also orders senior police officers.Writing a three-page letter made her understand how much she had suffered.Vinod Jain is the main follower of Keshineni Nani.Chandrababu campaigned on behalf of Vinod.

What is Chandrababu’s response to the incident?We can not see the pain of the baby’s parents.The accused will be severely punished.Chandrababu is encouraging such people.Durgamma wants to give courage to their family members.If Chandrababu’s party is committing such incidents, he is talking about women.At the elevator, at the stairs he behaved rudely.

An inhumane person should have no place in society.Holds mother before baby dies and cries iView.

We are protecting women through the Direction app.

Earlier, it was enough if Chandrababu did not harass women from the TDP office.Chandrababu must answer for these atrocities.We will do justice to the girl’s family.We will take steps to prevent such incidents.It is not enough for TDP to suspend Vinod Jain and shake his hand.Surely Chandrababu must answer for the incident

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