Minister Sabitha Indrareddy Inspects Venue Ahead Of TRS Plenary

The election of the TRS party president will take place on the 25th as part of the TRS party’s bicentennial celebrations.In this context, Telangana state Education Department Minister Sabitha Indrareddy, MP Ranjit Reddy, MLA and government whip Arikepudi Gandhi recently reviewed the arrangements for the Plenary session.

 Minister Sabitha Indrareddy Inspects Venue Ahead Of Trs

The arrangements being made at Madhapur, Hitex for the Plenary were examined.Speaking on this occasion, the minister said that all work should be completed on time.

The officials also explained the precautions to be taken.

The minister and the TRS party leaders decided to make all the necessary arrangements needed for the public representatives coming to the Plenary.

The concerned in-charges were directed to complete all the arrangements before the stipulated time.

Also, the TRS govt officials made several suggestions to the authorities engaged in the Plenary event.

Also, they briefed the precautions to be taken in terms of police.

The review was attended by MLC Kurmayyagari Naveen Kumar, former mayor Bontu Rammohan, corporators Jagadishwar Goud, Roja Rangarao Traffic DCP Vijay Kumar and GHMC officials.

However, the TRS Plenary would take place on October 25.

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