Indian Men Are Bad At Giving Oral – Study

Cunnilingus is said to be the easiest way to make a women orgasm.But it is also said to be the toughest act in the foreplay.

Most of the men men don’t really understand the female part and how it has be structured for the oral act.Actually, even today find it tough to understand the vagina and it’s suburbs.Men think that giving an oral is nothing giving an oral to vagina.Men don’t involve clitoris in the act, says reports.

 Indian Men Are Bad At Giving Oral – Study-Telugu Health Tips-Telugu Tollywood Photo

And when it comes to Indian men, the result are even poorer

A Global index survey was conducted in Miami last week about the topic oral $ex.Women in Miami, belonging to different countries participated in the survey.Yesterday was December 1, world’s AIDS day.The survey was published in a $ex journal to enlighten people on the risks of HIV and the involvement of oral sex.However, we are only reporting the results on the topic oral sex and women satisfaction in different countries here

While American men scored high in pleasuring the women down there, Indian stood 13th on the list of 15 countries.This proves, Indian men are bad at giving oral.The global ranks are here with percentage of satisfied women

1) America – 83%

2) France – 81%

3) England – 78.52%

4) Russia – 76.76%

5) Canada – 72.08%

6) Germany – 70.56%

7) Australia – 68.90%

8) Portugal – 67.32%

9) Netherlands – 65%

10) Korea – 62.78%

11) China – 54.87%

12) Ireland – 52.15%

13) India – 48.65%

14) South Africa – 48.34%

15) Jamaica – 45.07%

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