Delhi Minister Inspects Chhath Ghat In Delhi, Expects Massive Turnout Despite Addition Of 6 Artificial Ponds

Delhi Minister inspects Chhath Ghat in Delhi, expects massive turnout despite addition of 6 artificial ponds

New Delhi, Nov 18 : Delhi Irrigation and Flood Control Minister Saurabh Bharadwaj visited the Chhath Ghat being constructed on the premises of the Veer Savarkar hospital in national capital’s Karawal Nagar on Saturday, and instructed officials to make thorough arrangements, including artificial toilets, medical facilities and other amenities, for the convenience of devotees participating in Chhath Puja.

 Delhi Minister Inspects Chhath Ghat In Delhi, Expects Massive Turnout Despite

He also emphasised on addressing all situations promptly to ensure the well-being and comfort of the devotees participating in Chhath Puja at the Ghat.

While talking to media, Bharadwaj said that the AAP government has undertaken the construction of more than 1,000 Chhath Ghats in Delhi, keeping in mind the faith of the brothers and sisters from the Purvanchal residing in the city.

“The Chief Minister had issued orders to construct more Chhath Ghats to ensure that no devotee faces any issues during worship.Nearly 1,000 Chhath Ghats have been constructed as per the directives of the Chief Minister to prevent any mishap and allow all devotees to perform their worship with ease and respect,” the Minister added.

He also said that during the last Chhath Puja at the premises of Veer Savarkar hospital in Karawal Nagar, nearly 5,000 devotees performed the rituals.However, this time, six artificial ponds have been constructed at this Chhath Ghat.

“Considering the number of participants last time, it is estimated that this time, the likelihood of more than 10,000 devotees coming to this Ghat is high.Facilities such as artificial toilets, ambulances and medical services have also been arranged at this location to ensure that no devotee faces any issues in case of necessity,” he added.

“CM has issued orders to all Ministers of the Delhi government and AAP MLAs to personally oversee the Chhath Ghats being constructed in their respective areas, ensuring that all preparations are in order,” Bharadwaj said.



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