Soniya Bansal: Vardhan Puri’s Grandfather Amrish Puri Was One Of My Favourite Villains

Soniya Bansal: Vardhan Puri’s grandfather Amrish Puri was one of my favourite villains

Mumbai, Feb 9 : ‘Bigg Boss 17’ contestant Soniya Bansal will be seen sharing screen space with actor Vardhan Puri in a music video called ‘Ishq Hua’ set to release ahead of Valentine’s Day on Feb 12.

Soniya shared her experience working with Vardhan and said: “My experience working with Vardhan Puri was really wonderful.I knew him before, but we met for the very first time at the collaboration of the song ‘Ishq Hua’ because his grandfather was one of my favorite villains in movies.So, I thought collaborating with him would be great, as he might inherit some of his legacy traits.”

She emphasised on Vardhan’s humble nature and cooperative demeanor on set.

“It was a great experience on set.He has a very humble nature and is too cooperative as an actor.He brings the person to a comfortable place so that different moods of acting can be shown.

Under the esteemed banner of T-Series, Soniya’s latest endeavor seeks to capture the essence of love in its purest form.’Ishq Hua’, composed by the talented Shabbir Ahmed and lyrics by Shabbir Ahmed as well.

Directed with finesse by Lavesh, ‘Ishq Hua’ promises to be a visual masterpiece, bringing to life the enchanting narrative woven by Soniya Bansal and Vardhan Puri.Beautiful song sung by S.Shubham and Saloni Batra.As the curtains rise on this musical extravaganza, audiences can expect to embark on a journey where love knows no bounds.

Speaking about her character in the music video, she said: “I played a blind role, and I literally lived the song with him.I would really like to work more with him.”

Soniya then reflected on her previous collaborations with T-Series, mentioning: “I have worked with T-Series before, but this is the first time I am doing a Hindi music album.I have done Punjabi songs before with T-Series label.Shabbir Ahmed has produced and written the song, and the overall experience was really very good.”



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