Saliva Test Can Detect Many Diseases Whatever It Is

Saliva Test Can Detect Many Diseases Whatever It Is

Dozens of diseases can be detected with a saliva sample.Researchers say that many diseases, from diabetes to cancer, can be diagnosed.

 Saliva Test Can Detect Many Diseases Whatever It

This test method will bring about a big change in the diagnosis of diseases.

Researchers say that human saliva contains about 700 microorganisms, including compounds such as uric acid.

In addition, it contains many chemicals that are known to cause various diseases.It is also very easy to test.

How does a saliva test diagnose diseases? What diseases can be learned from it? Let us know the answers to such questions.Researchers have found a link between uric acid in saliva and diseases, according to a Daily Mail report.

Dutta Megh, a professor at the University of Medical Sciences, reviewed the research.

An increase in uric acid level in the body is said to be a sign of many things.

Due to its increase, blood pressure also rises.In addition, increased uric acid can lead to heart disease, kidney disease, cancer, high blood sugar, diabetes and some cancers.

That is uric acid.It is a chemical found in the blood.It is produced during the digestive process of purine foods.

Most of the uric acid is dissolved in the blood and the rest is excreted by the kidneys.

But when the amount of purine in the body exceeds a certain amount and even the kidneys are unable to filter it, then the amount of uric acid in the body starts to increase.This can lead to health problems – Saliva Test Can Detect Many Diseases Whatever It Is telugu-title:లాలాజల పరీక్షతో అనేక వ్యాధులను గుర్తింపు.అది ఏవిధంగానంటే.Read More 👉👉https:/ – Telugu Health Tips | #TeluguTips #TeluguHealthTips #TeluguBeautyTips #Telugu #TeluguStop | Health #BloodSugar #Cancer #SalivaTest #UricAcid #Health #TeluguNewsVideos Channel:Telugu Tips


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