Now Transgenders Of Up Will Also Make Voters Aware

Now transgenders of UP will also make voters aware

Lucknow, April 1 : Transgenders of Uttar Pradesh will now help increase voters’ awareness, officials said.

The Election Commission is running various programmes for this with the focus being on increasing voting percentage through street plays and other programs.

The initiative began from Gonda district on Sunday and ‘Transgender Samvad’ was organised by the Social Welfare Department under the chairmanship of the District Magistrate/District Election Officer.

In the transgender dialogue, District Magistrate (DM) Neha Sharma said that the connection of the transgender community with the general public is very good.

Transgenders are more connected to the common people than other volunteers.

DM Sharma added that there are more than 25 lakh voters in the district.

Out of them, 97 are voters from transgender community.

The Lok Sabha elections to be held in India is the biggest election in the world and the transgender community also has an important role in this.

She said that the Election Commission is emphasising on involving all the people in the elections.

Transgender Group head, Amrita Soni, presented various suggestions regarding the voter awareness program.

She also said that they would present various types of street plays and other programs in order to increase the voting percentage in the district.



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