Summer Friendly Foods And Their Benefits!

Summer Friendly Foods and their benefits!

Summer is the time we should change our diet and eat right! By being outdoors, sweating up can risk you with lot of health problems in summer.Proper care and caution is crucial in this season.

 Summer Friendly Foods And Their Benefits!

Otherwise, dehydration, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and skin issues will bother you.So here we go… Giving you simple and easy solution.Eat seasonal fruits.They are the fruits that not only help your body look well but also feel good in this hot summer season.

Watermelon: It has high water content that not only keeps you cool but also helps you to stay hydrated.

Oranges: sweet citrus fruit, which is abundant in potassium which is a nutrient very essential in summer.Potassium is lost through sweat and it may expose you to muscle cramps.

Yoghurt/Curd: Protein rich and also easy to carry where ever you go, it aids in keeping you cool and healthy.

Apples/ Pears and Figs: Rich in fibre and their nutritional value is also super high.

Green Tea: This tea helps you to stay hydrated.It is perfect supplement to your water intake as well.

Try these for now, we will come up with more in our next episode on Summer super cool foods.

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