Rowan Atkinson To Return For New \'johnny English\' Movie

Rowan Atkinson to return for new ‘Johnny English’ movie

Los Angeles, Feb 12 : ‘Mr Bean’ star Rowan Atkinson, who has previously played the titular hapless secret agent in three movies in the spy spoof franchise ‘Johnny English’ will return for a fourth installement.

 Rowan Atkinson To Return For New 'johnny English'

He featured in ‘Jhonny English’, ‘Johnny English Reborn’, and 2018’s ‘Johnny English Strikes Again’.

The movie will be shot in the summer in the UK and Malta, but the plot details are being kept under wraps, according to Screendaily.Details about the project are largely unknown, but Working Titles Films will produce for the fourth time, reports

While promoting the third movie in the series, Atkinson said he thought a fourth installment would be unlikely.

Speaking during a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), he said: “I doubt it but thank you very much for implying you’d like to see another one.But at the same time.never say never.”

Meanwhile, the actor previously explained he felt the physical comedy he is known for is “more timeless” than other forms so its popularity is enduring.

He told Digital Spy: “I suppose it’s more timeless.”

“Whereas visual comedy is generally about simple, human situations involving human instincts and human behaviour, and those things change far less.”

“Also, of course, it means that you are automatically granted immunity from cultural and linguistic differences.

But in the end, humanity shares the more visual experience than they do a verbal experience.And therefore, internationally, obviously it’s an easier thing to sell.”



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