Holi – A Festive Of Colors But Follow The Safety Guidelines!

Holi— A Festive of colors but follow the safety guidelines!
Holi is celebrated worldwide among Indian races as a festival of colors.The festival is celebrated with your near and dear ones in your best moods.

Holi or Holika is celebrated today and it is not easy to contain our excitement.This is the time of the year when the whole nation is filled in the moods of colors, scrumptious cuisines and the spirit of coherence and love.

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Apart, from celebrations, colors,and cuisines one should always follow guidelines to stay safe while playing Holi.
• Avoid artificial colors while playing Holi.
• Apply oil to your hair before playing Holi.
• It is advised to play with organic colors, but in case if exposed to harmful chemicals protecting your eyes is important.
• Body moisturizer should be applied to your body and face before going out to play Holi.
• Dental caps should be worn for saving your teeth from harmful dyes and chemicals.
• Coveryour body with clothes that are comfortable and ideal for the occasion.
• Avoid makeup and party clothing.