Ali Fazal Shares His Inspiration For Guddu Pandit’s Love For Eggs In \'mirzapur\'

Ali Fazal shares his inspiration for Guddu Pandit’s love for eggs in ‘Mirzapur’

Mumbai, April 1 : Actor Ali Fazal, who is known for ‘Mirzapur’, ‘Fukrey’ franchise, ‘Khufiya’ and others, has shared the inspiration behind one of his scenes in the hit streaming series ‘Mirzapur’.

 Ali Fazal Shares His Inspiration For Guddu Pandit’s Love For Eggs In '

The actor recently took to the Stories section of his Instagram and shared a video from the neo-noir psychological horror film ‘Angel Heart’ starring Robert De Niro and Mickey Rourke.

The video shows De Niro and Mickey Rourke sitting across a table with De Niro peeling an egg.

Ali wrote on the video: “One of my all time favourite scenes, in a not very famous film.but these two riffing.Some of GUDDU’s egg inspirations came from here – go guess which part (sic)”.

In ‘Mirzapur’, Ali’s character of Guddu is on a heavy protein diet considering he is a body builder, and the best source of protein for him are the eggs.His character climbs up the ranks of the crime world until the Tripathi family kills his younger brother and his wife.

In the second season of the show, Guddu sets out to exact revenge and kills Munna Tripathi, the man who was responsible for killing his wife and brother.

Ali is an ardent fan of De Niro.

Earlier, the actor took to his Instagram and shared a throwback picture of himself with De Niro.Ali reminisced about his meeting with the veteran Hollywood star and remembered how shy he was to walk into a room full of people whom he admires.

He also recollected how it was actress Dia Mirza who took him to meet De Niro.

In the picture, De Niro can be seen signing an autograph for Ali.

The actor penned a note in the caption as he recollected his meeting with the legend.

Ali wrote: “#Throwback to the first time I met him.God, I remember how you @diamirzaofficial took me there.I can’t thank you enough.

I was too shy to ever step into a room to take autographs and photos with people I admire.”

The actor admitted that he is very socially awkward when he has to be himself and not play a character.



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