Maoist Leader Hidma Shifted To Telangana For Treatment??

A top Maoist leader, People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army-1 commander hiding in the forests of Chhattisgarh, has reportedly come out of the Eturunagaram Agency Areas for corona treatment.Police have received information from intelligence sources that he is being treated in the forests of Eturunagaram, Kannaigudem, Venkatapuram and Wajedu in the Telangana Border region.

 Maoist Leader Hidma Shifted To Telangana For Treatment??

With this, the police in the Agency are conducting search operations.As per the police reports, Hidma is getting assistance from local tribals, and currently, he is receiving treatment from the tribals.

Police led by Eturunagaram ASP Gaush Alam conducting search operations in the forest with troops.

With the help of Greyhounds, including Special Party police, police are conducting inspections in the Agency area.

Drones and cameras were deployed to track down Hidma.

However, the issue of Hidma’s illness is now of further concern to the Maoist party, which recently lost its top leaders due to covid-19.

Surveillance sources said that he would have come to the forest Areas Bordering Telangana to seek treatment in the forests of Chhattisgarh.The entire Agency became on high alert as police intensified inspections.

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