Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Panipuri Panipuri

Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Panipuri Panipuri

Many people like Panipuri.Most people like to eat panipuri as it is spicy .Kids love it too.There are mostly Panipuri stalls in our country.However, some say that panipuri is unhealthy .and some experts say it is good for health.It is said that eating panipuri has many health benefits even it helps in weight loss.The water used in Panipuri is very hot, spicy and tasty.It helps to stay away from hunger.

 Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Panipuri

However, to get rid of fatigue, dieticians advise to take homemade panipuri to lose weight.

You can also use cumin seeda and mint water with panipuri.Homemade panipuri improves digestion.

Adding mint and cumin to water reduces bloating.

Experts say that consuming pani puri combined with cumin and mint is also very beneficial for the body.

Panipuri water, however, contains cumin, mint and tamarind juice.

The ready-to-mix pani puri spice available in the market contains rock salt, dried mango, cumin, chilli, black salt, mint, black pepper, dried ginger, tamarind juice and citric acid.

However a large amount of salt is used to add flavor to the panipuri water.Mint water seems to work wonderfully for weight loss.

Mint water intake is very good for health.Increases immunity.

Mint contains essential fiber, vitamin A, iron, manganese and folate.Cumin is also very good for health.

Experts say that cumin water soaked in a small glass can cure stomach related diseases.According to a nutritionist, Pani Puri is very useful for weight loss.

In Panipuri, what is made with rava and maida is not good for the body.However, the makers of Panipuri say that some problems arise due to poor hygiene.

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Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Panipuri Panipuri - Telugu Panipurireceipe, Streetfood #Shorts

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