7 Hidden Tricks In Xiaomi Phones You Don’t Know  

7 Hidden Tricks In Xiaomi Phones You Don’t Know -

* We all face this problem of not being able to up the brightness in day light conditions when we have already decreased the brightness level to low.Doesn’t that look irritating since you are neither able to increase the brightest nor unlock the mobile.Here is a trick that works.Just hold your volume up button and menu button (usually the left button below in Xiaomi phones) at one go.Brightness will automatically come up

* Want to improve the quality of video recording? Want to record a video in autofocus mode? It’s just a couple of steps away.Go to your video recording settings and click on Focus mode.There you will find “TAP” and “CAF”.Change the setting to CAF and see the wonder

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* Are you among those lazy mobile users whose menu isn’t arranged in an order? People just make thier homescreen a mess.Menu icons are seen here and there not one after one just like we throw clothes on bed.Too lazy to arrange them neatly? Just hold the recent/menu button and then shake your mobile once.That’s it.You will see a magic working

* You can have secret message conversations with your girlfriend or boyfriend that only you could possibly see and read.Just go your message app and swipe down the screen in a long press.Your mobile will ask for contacts whom with you want to have a secret conversation.

Just select the contact and you will find all the messages hidden.Only you can unlock the conversation

* You can mute incoming call from an unknown number for the first time without using any third party app.Go to call settings – incoming call settings and select “mute first call”.There are couple more interesting settings like “Flip to silence ringer” and “Quiet ringer when lifted”

* You can also hide your media files and also notes using the same swipe down long trick in file manager and notes apps respectively.

You can either set a finger print lock or a pattern to lock and unlock such files.Need not use any third party app

* There are many more cool hidden settings in your Xiaomi phone.

Go to settings – about phone and stop at Kernel version.Tap 3-4 times on the Kernel version and you will find a number of hidden settings in your mobile.

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