10 Best Bollywood Celebrities That Passed Away

10 best Bollywood celebrities that passed away

The death of a dear one leaves a hole in our heart, but the death of a celebrity we used to see while growing up, is quite a shock too.These famous Indian celebrities made a tremendous impact on the movie industry, and we should take a moment to honor and appreciate them for making our childhood more valuable.Some had a heart attack, or some found hanging themselves, whatever the reason their name will not be forgotten as it is written and marked in the movie industry.It’s very unfortunate that life had to take these celebrities away, so let’s take a moment to see who will be missed:

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#1.Om PrakashPuri

The famous Indian actor that passed away just recently this year, on January 2017.He worked mostly on commercial Indian movies, but also on independent and art films.

He was known for his contribution in movies like Aakrosh (1980), Arohan (1982), Sadgati (1981), and Tamas (1987).Om Puri was also awarded the fourth highest civilian award in 1990 (Padma Shri).

He is known to have died from a fatal heart attack in his home, while the other day he was just seen in perfect health.There were many questions asked about what happened to him and what went wrong.


An Indian model, actress, and author that reached her career point with the highly successful Hollywood movie ‘Star Trek: the Motion Picture’, while being the first to play a bald heroine.She claimed that she could have starred in a lot of successful Hollywood movies if she had accepted to play a nude role.PersisKhambatta started modeling since she was only 13 years old, while she, later on, won a lot of beauty pageants.

She died on 18 August 1998 in Mumbai.According to the newspapers, she also died of a heart attack.

#3.Rajesh Khanna

The Indian actor, film producer and also a politician was often referred as the superstar of India.He has an unbeatable record of 18 solo hits from 1969 to 1972.He was awarded a lot of times as the best actor while also leaving space for other prizes.

He passed away in 2012, and the cause of his death was cancer, and his last wish was to have a grand funeral.And his wish was granted from his family while leaving us like an emperor.

They say legends never die and Rajesh Khanna is one of them.

#4.Jiah Khan

The death of her left everyone speechless, while she was found hanging from the ceiling fan in her bedroom in Mumbai looking like a suicide, but her mother, later on, claimed that her boyfriend murdered her.A letter was found in her home implying how much her boyfriend was torturing her, while she loved him a lot and he was accused of cheating and lying to her.She left us at a very young age, but she contributed to the movie industry with her presence in films like Nishabd and Housefull.

#5.Satyajit Ray

He was not an Indian actor, but he was known as one of the best filmmakers of the 20th Century.He directed 36 movies also including documentaries and short films.

His first movie called PatherPanchali (1955) won eleven international awards.Ray was suffering from a heart condition compounded by breath problems.He died on 1992, Kolkata, India.He was called as the extraordinary moviemaker and some of his movies include “Days and Nights in the Forest” (1969), “The Adversary” (1971), “The Target” (1972), “Distant Thunder” (1973), “The Home and the World” (1984), The Chess Players (1977), Elephant God (1979), The Kingdom of Diamonds (1980), The Home and the World (1984), and others.


The Indian actress that brought Bollywood to the cover of Time Magazine, as described by her boyfriend, Mahesh Bhatt.She was known for her roles in blockbusters like Deewar, NamakHalaal, Amar Akbar Anthony, and Shaan.Parveen was diagnosed with mental illnesses like schizophrenia while going through a lot of nervous breakdowns.

She died in her apartment in Mumbai after some of the other residents called the police when milk and other stuff started piling in front of her door.Parveen seems to didn’t have anyone from the family, as Mahesh Bhatt said the last goodbyes.

#7.Shamsher Raj Kapoor

Known as ShammiKapoor was an Indian film actor and director.He is known for movies like TumsaNahinDekha, Dil Deke Dekho, Singapore, College Girl, China Town, PyaarKiyaToDarnaKya, Janwar, TeesriManzil, An Evening in Paris, Andaz and much more.

He died of kidney failure in Mumbai at the age of 79.

#8.Divya Om PrakashBharti

Known as DivyaBharti was an Indian film actress that starred in a lot of Hindi and Telugu movies.She apparently gained her title as one of the best actresses in India at that time.

She died at a very young age from head injuries when she fell from the 5th-floor balcony of her apartment in 1993.


An Indian actor known for his character roles as a villain and as a hero.Which is not a usual acting method for artists, you choose to be the good guy or the bad.But Pran was both.He appeared in over 350 movies in the Indian entertainment industry which is considered a lot.His best performance is known to be seen in films like Madhumati (1958), Upkar (1967), PurabAurPaschim (1970), Ram AurShyam(1967), JohnyMeraNaam (1970), Victoria No.203 (1972), Be-Imaan (1972), Zanjeer (1973), Amar Akbar Anthony (1977), and Duniya (1984).


He was one of the top actresses of the golden era in India.She reined the Bollywood movie industry for quite a long time, there was also a hairstyle named after her, the Sadhana cut.She was mostly known for her movies WohKaunThi?(1964), MeraSaaya (1966), and Anita (1967).Sadhana retired from acting a long time ago, by keeping in touch with only her best friends.

She passed away in 2015, at the age of 74 when she had her last breath in Mumbai’s hospital.


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