Students Enrolled In Ug Programmes Under Cbcs Eligible For Fyup

Students enrolled in UG programmes under CBCS eligible for FYUP

New Delhi, March 4 : Students pursuing an undergraduate programme under the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) are eligible for a four-year undergraduate programme (FYUP), the University Grants Commission (UGC) informed through a public notice on Monday.

 Students Enrolled In Ug Programmes Under Cbcs Eligible For

UGC Chairman Mamidala Jagadesh Kumar told IANS that the respective university may offer bridge courses, including online options, to facilitate the students’ smooth transition into the extended UG programme.

This provision is essential to ensure that the existing students can fully avail the benefits of the four-year UG programmes.

The UGC informed that over 200 universities have successfully implemented the FYUPs, leveraging their robust PG programmes and research facilities.

Consequently, these universities are encouraged to motivate the enrolled students to extend their studies into the fourth year.The UGC has emphasised this provision by communicating with the universities, urging them to raise awareness among the students.

The universities must work on implementing this provision beneficial to the students.

The UGC said that all the universities and affiliated colleges are requested to take note of the above provision.



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