Expert Advice: Make-up Blunders And Solutions To Ace The Prefect Look

Expert Advice: Make-up blunders and solutions to ace the prefect look

New Delhi, April 1 : Make-up is an art and blunders tend to happen.From wearing too much skincare or using the right shade of foundation and what brush to use, can get confusing for beginners.

 Expert Advice: Make-up Blunders And Solutions To Ace The Prefect

Here’s a list of do’s and don’ts by expert Saikat Chakraborty, making wearing make-up easy in everyday life.

The first mistake is wearing too much skincare, Saikat Chakraborty, National Artist M.A.C Cosmetics India, told IANS.

“Whether you have dry or oily skin — a serum/moisturiser is a non-negotiable step in your make-up routine that you should never skip.However, using the right quantity is an absolute must in order for your make-up to sit well on your skin,” he added.

“What happens when you apply way too much skincare than you actually need is that any kind of base products like foundation, concealer will slip and not stay in place.”

Having too much under eye cream will also make it crease.

“It’s key to use the right amount, which is just enough to add hydration and moisture to your skin without making it too greasy.”

He then said that not using a primer is a problem.

“Whether we need a primer or not is a question I get asked a lot.A primer is always a must if you want that smooth looking Instagram ready skin.A primer basically creates a barrier between your skin and make-up, making your skin absolutely smooth for the application of base products – foundation, concealer, etc.

Chakraborty added: “Primer also has pore minimising properties, which will ensure that it visibly minimise the appearance of pores, fine lines, making your skin look extra blurry giving you a smooth canvas to work on.”

What not to do next is applying the blush really low on the cheeks, which is the most common beauty faux pas.

“Blush application mistakes are most common among beginners especially where people go really wrong with the placement of the product making the colour go all over the place and especially towards the lower side of the cheeks that can make one’s skin look run-down than it actually is.”

He said that “strategic placement of blush can actually give one that natural lift in the overall make-up look making the face look more sculpted and youthful.”

The shade of the blush too plays an integral role in lifting the look.

“It’s crucial to select a blush shade that complements your skin tone and to apply it with a light hand, either along your cheekbones or on the apples of your cheeks, depending on your face shape.Additionally, lightly dusting blush along the bridge of your nose and on your chin can contribute to achieving a flawless, rosy complexion.

Bold eyes and lips are a big no-no.

If you are going for really dramatic eyes with shadows, glitters or an edgy liner, tone your lips down and go for a more muted natural looking lip which will make your eyes really stand out for a more overall balanced make-up look, likewise if you are going for simpler eyes like a classic liner or nude eyeshadow you can totally amp up your lips using bold colours — red, wine, deeper pink, darker edgy shade, use of lip gloss, etc to strike that balance.

Talking about blending the concealer too much and not setting it with a powder, Chakraborty said: “Instead of blending it too much, try depositing the concealer in the areas of concern with a flat brush or a blender for a full coverage and a fluffy or stippling brush for light coverage and set it with a powder right after.”

One of the biggest and most common mistakes is using a lighter colour foundation than the skin tone.

“Go for a warmer tone for an overall coverage or even your own colour, if you are using a concealer to colour correct your skin however you can go in for a loose or compact powder in a lighter shade to set your make-up.It will automatically add the brightness strategically in places where you want to highlight like under eyes or the T-zone without any overall white cast.

For the eyes, the mistake is topping up mascara while it is still wet.

He said: “We all love curled, voluminous lashes but in order to get that fanned out lash look don’t apply multiple coats of mascara while it is still wet.Instead apply the mascara on one eye and move on to the second one while the lashes on the other eye have dried.

“Go for a second coat once the lashes have dried fully to stack up more by applying it on each and every lash wiggling it upwards for curly, thick and long lashes.

Lastly, Chakraborty focussed on cleaning the make-up brushes regularly.

“Cleaning your brushes from time to time will ensure you get the best out of your brushes and make them last for a lifetime.

Not cleaning your tools may also make you break out and trigger skin infections impacting your overall appearance of your make-up,” Chakraborty said.



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