8 Weird Questions Girls Have About A Penis  

8 Weird Questions Girls Have About A Penis -

Even in magazine age, we are not completely aware of genitals of opposite gender.Which man knows about a vagina completely and which woman understands a penis fully except in cases we have doctors here.

There are many wonderful things about a penis which women don’t understand and it’s vice versa for men.Here are 8 questions (weird) which women asked about a penis?

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1) How the bone disappears when he is not horny?

Ans – There are no bones in a penis.It just becomes a boner when he is ready for it.Penis is all about shafts and muscles

2) Why a man screams so much when anything hits him down there? Is it that painful?

Ans- Only a man can understand how terrible that is.The balls are super sensitive.They can’t bear anything over gentle

3) I heard it hangs to the left.Why?

Ans – It’s normal and it is because the left ball is generally big in size.It hangs to left because of that extra pressure

4) Can a man control a boner ?

Ans – He may do that only by staring at some religious stuff immediately.Or else, it’s hard to control.Quite embarrassing

5) How long an erection can last?

Ans – If he is watching an exciting porn episode for an hour, it might still last for an hour.If he is unexcited, even a second is too long

6) Do men measure their friend’s size?

Ans – Don’t women check out their breasts size? The same curiosity is with men.Likewise they also feel that insecurity if it is small in size

7) Why it ejaculates so quickly?

Ans – The body structure is made like that.Which man doesn’t want to last long? Even science cannot answer this in a perfect way.Just think like men respond quickly than women

8) Sperm is produced in the penis? How much of in a day?

Ans – It’s semen and not sperm in first place.It’s produced in the balls but not in a penis.On a average, 2ml to 5 ml of semen is produced in a day.

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