8 Foods To Avoid If You Have Pimples

Can diet cause acne ? Of crourse it has it’s own influence although people argue that no food directly causes acne.Yes, no food triggers a pimple on own.But it becomes responsible.Here are 8 such food items.

 8 Foods To Avoid If You Have Pimples-TeluguStop.com

* Although there is no clear evidence, few to several researches have stated that spicy foods, with loads of chillies and masala can trigger acne.Actually, it makes the problem worse.

Well, in men’s case, this could be really true since spicy foods may fluctuate the production of testosterone levels.Imbalances in harmone causes acne.

* Milk or any other dairy product with fats and high glycaemic index can cause acne.It’s a proven fact.If you are suffering with acne, taking green tea instead of milk will help you better.

* Fried foods lose all the nutrients.

You are just taking the fats and calories by frying the food but not the nutritional benefits.Such foods like French fries, meat fry, chips and other fried foods should be avoided.

* This is especially for girls.Don’t prefer eating chocolates when you are with acne.High sugar foods would increase the production of sebum which will cause pimple with the help of oil and bacteria.

* Sweets are sweet to taste.

But they are not health friendly even in normal conditions.Acne prone body should stay away from sweets.

If you are taking diary based sweets, it’s nothing but adding fuel to the fire.

* Sodas and cool drinks cause acne ? There is a serious discussion.No food directly causes acne.But certain foods become one of the reasons for breakouts.Similarly, sugar quoted sodas and cool drinks which are loaded with artificial sugars and sweeteners are not good for a body dealing with acne.

* Junk food is a serious thing.

Never and never try to eat junk food if you want clear skin.Junk food can easily trigger pimples.

Fats, heavy calories, impure and excess levels of oils ….Ughh this is a big danger.

Avoid all junk food stuff including world’s favourite pizza and burger.

* Prefer homemade healthy juice.

The juices you drink outside are very high in sugar levels.In general, crushing a fruit and making juice from it is a great idea as it increases sugar levels.Now think about the juice you take from outside.Wouldn’t they be adding extra sugars ?