Suresh Babu Plans For Rana

Suresh Babu Plans For Rana

Daggubati Suresh Babu always wanted to see his son as successful as his brother.He always wanted his son to score a single solo blockbuster but to his surprise he has scored biggest blockbuster and though it had a share of Prabhas, many appreciated the work of Rana more than they appreciated the work of Prabhas.

 Suresh Babu Plans For

According to reports, Suresh Babu gained a lot in confidence about his son Rana who is growing big with each film.With the latest happenings around him and his son’s career, he wanted to establish him as a big hero and is preparing a story for the film.

Rana too never expected that he can easily pull a 50 Crores films alone on one shoulder.Such was levels of his and they were revealed with the film Baahubali.

He played the role Bhallala Deva and Suresh Babu expressed no apprehensions to kick start a project with Rana as hero on Suresh Productions banner so that before the market gets decreased he wanted to expand it and willing to make his son a star actor.Hope it works and Suresh’s wishes fulfilled.

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