Nagababu Announces Resignation From MAA Membership

The most awaited MAA results were out.Manchu Vishnu bags President post with a margin of 106 votes.Ten EC members won from the Manchu Vishnu panel, and eight EC members won from the Prakash Raj panel.For the next two years, MAA will be presided over by newly elected President Manchu Vishnu.

 Nagababu Announces Resignation From Maa

However, recently, Mega Brother Nagababu announced his resignation from MAA.Nagababu announced his resignation shortly after the results were announced.

Nagababu’s decision shocked everyone.Prakash Raj, who was supported by Mega Family, lost to Manchu Vishnu in the MAA elections.

Taking to his official Twitter handle, Nagababu announced his resignation from MAA.

Nagababu seems to have announced his resignation due to the ‘Insider’ and ‘Outsider’ conflict in Tollywood.Nagababu said on the social media post that he did not want to continue in the Movie Artists Association, which was filled up with regionalism and narrow mindedness.

With the sudden announcement of Nagababu’s resignation, the Telugu film industry was shocked.

Currently, this has become a hot topic in Telugu states.The post went viral on social media stating that he was making this decision wholeheartedly.

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