Huzurabad By-poll: Eci Orders Ts Govt To Halt Dalit Bandhu In Huzurabad

Huzurabad by-poll: ECI orders TS govt to halt Dalit Bandhu in Huzurabad

The Central Election Commission (CEC) has directed the TRS govt to postpone the implementation of the Dalit Bandhu scheme in the Huzurabad constituency till the end of the by-election.State Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Shashank Goyal has been directed to report to them by 2 pm on Tuesday on the action taken in this regard.

 Huzurabad By-poll: Eci Orders Ts Govt To Halt Dalit Bandhu In

In this context, recently, Avinash Kumar, chief secretary of the Central Election Commission, penned a letter to the CEO.The letter states that the Dalit Bandhu scheme was postponed in the Huzurabad constituency based on a letter written by the CEO on October 8 on the Dalitbandhu scheme.

Also, CEO Shashank Goyal had directed the Karimnagar District Collector to implement the orders from the ECI.The Telangana government is implementing the Dalit Bandhu scheme as a pilot project in Vasalamarri village, four zones of Telangana along with the Huzurabad constituency.

The Telangana government has recently granted Rs 250 crore as a part of the Dalit Bandhu scheme.Telangana state Special Secretary to the Finance Ministry K Ramakrishna Rao issued orders releasing the funds as per the directions of CM KCR.

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