Challenge To Exam Question Valid Even Without Prior Objection: Delhi Hc

Challenge to exam question valid even without prior objection: Delhi HC

New Delhi, Feb 26 : The Delhi High Court has affirmed that candidates in the Delhi Judicial Services Exams (DJS exams) can contest the correctness of exam questions, even if they did not raise objections earlier.

 Challenge To Exam Question Valid Even Without Prior Objection: Delhi

A division bench of Justices Rajiv Shakdher and Amit Bansal, hearing a petition by Shruti Katiyar regarding the accuracy of a question in the DJS Preliminary Exams 2023, pointed out the universal applicability of objections raised by any candidate, stating that such objections serve the larger interest of fairness and meritocracy.

It dismissed a preliminary objection raised by counsel representing the High Court, contending the maintainability of the plea.

Advocate Dr.Amit George argued that Katiyar lacked locus standi as she had not raised objections earlier.

However, the court rejected this argument, noting that objections raised by other candidates against the same question supported Katiyar’s plea.

It reasoned that any relief granted to one candidate would benefit all candidates, thereby validating Katiyar’s petition.

Consequently, the court ruled in favour of Katiyar, directing the high court to award her marks for the challenged question.



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