Talented Malayam Actor Siddique Is On Board In Chiyaan Vikram’s “veera Dheera Sooran

Talented Malayam actor Siddique is on board in Chiyaan Vikram’s “Veera Dheera Sooran

Chiyaan Vikram, celebrated for his multifaceted and captivating performances, is poised to enthrall cinema aficionados once again with his upcoming adrenaline-pumping action thriller, “Veera Dheera Sooran.” Directed by the adept SU Arun Kumar, the film has already ignited widespread anticipation among enthusiasts.Recently, the makers unveiled the gripping title and a riveting teaser, perfectly timed to coincide with Vikram’s birthday, much to the delight of his ardent followers.

 Talented Malayam Actor Siddique Is On Board In Chiyaan Vikram’s “vee-TeluguStop.com

In a recent development, the filmmakers divulged an intriguing update, announcing the addition of the immensely talented Malayalam actor Siddique to the ensemble cast.Welcoming Siddique into the fold, they unveiled his first look, where his intense and formidable demeanor exudes a palpable sense of intrigue.Siddique, renowned for his compelling portrayals, has left an indelible mark in Telugu cinema with his memorable roles, such as Raju in “Anthima Theerpu,” Srinivas in “Naa Bangaru Thalli,” and Balaram Varma in “Agninakshatram.” With the inclusion of such a formidable talent and the impactful teaser, anticipation for “Veera Dheera Sooran” has soared to new heights.The recently released teaser offers a tantalizing glimpse into Vikram’s character, Kaali, an unassuming proprietor of a grocery store concealing a latent, action-packed persona.

When confronted by a cadre of vindictive adversaries, Kaali unveils his combat prowess and unyielding valor, leaving audiences yearning for more.

Under the aegis of the HR Pictures banner, “Veera Dheera Sooran” is helmed by the visionary director SU Arun Kumar and boasts a stellar technical team.

With GV Prakash Kumar lending his musical prowess and Theni Eshwar capturing the visuals, the film promises to be a cinematic tour de force.In addition to Vikram, the film features the acclaimed talents of SJ Suryah and Dusara Vijayan in pivotal roles, further enriching the cinematic experience.Dushara Vijayan’s presence as the female lead is exciting everyone as she is known for her realistic and natural performance along with appealing looks on the big screen.


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Chiyan Vikram, S.J.Surya, Dushara Vijayan, Siddique etc.

Technical Team: Banner: HR Pictures,Producer: Riya Shibu,Writer-Director: S.U.Arun Kumar, Associate Producer: Roni Zakaria A , Executive Producer: Anlin Lal Music: G.V.Prakash Kumar, Cinematography: Theni Eshwar, Art: C.S.Balachander, Costumes: Kavita.J , P.R.O (Telugu): Surendra Naidu- Phani Kandukuri (Beyond Media)


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