Karauli Violence: The Woman Who Saved 15 Men From Angry Mob

Karauli violence: The woman who saved 15 men from angry mob

Jaipur, April 15 : This is the story of Madhulika Singh, a single mother of two children who saved at least 15 men — most from another community, from an enraged mob that had come to attack them during the violence earlier this month in Rajasthan’s Karauli.

 Karauli Violence: The Woman Who Saved 15 Men From Angry Mob-TeluguStop.com

Madhulika, 48, stood alone in front of the mob that rushed towards her shop during the violence on April 2.

A widow, she has been running a garments business for the last five years since her husband died.

When the procession was being taken out to mark the Hindu New Year, it entered an area where many people of a particular community reside.Suddenly, she heard people shouting and screaming.

According to police, during the procession, “sensitive” slogans were played on a loudspeaker and soon, there was violence and stone-pelting.

Madhulika said: “People were running.downed the shutters.they said riots have broken out.I had locked the gate of the shopping complex and asked them (who came to take shelter there) not to worry.I saved them as humanity stands sacrosanct.”

Around 15 men told her they were scared, and were unable to decide whether to leave or stay put.

Madhulika Singh said the mob tried to break in but she stopped them.

Mohammad Talib and Danish were among those who were present in that shopping complex.

“Madhulika didi saved us.She told us not to worry,” said Talib.

Mithilesh Soni, who runs a salon in the same shopping complex, said she and three other women attempted to douse the flames with buckets of water.


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