7 Benefits Of Spending Time With Trees Everyday  

7 Benefits Of Spending Time With Trees Everyday -

* Healthy sleep cycle :

There are several studies which proved that people residing near to greenery are less prone to Insomnia and sleeplessness.That might be because of the health oxygen levels, fresh air or high physical activity in less urbane areas.

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In any way, plants help to sleep better.

* Healthy blood pressure :

It is also a proven fact that people residing near trees or who spend time with tress maintain healthy blood pressure.As you know, walking on grease improves blood flow and also reduces hypertension.Probably, this is the reason why plants help blood pressure.

* Mental health :

No science is needed to tell that people sense a pleasant feel among trees.Our mindset automatically shifts to a positive gear in the nature.

Science explains this as the release of happy harmone which get released because of nature’s beauty and the calmness around.

* Stress buster :

Walking with the tress is the most effective stress buster.Besides a holy place, a place surrounded by trees is the only atmosphere which will balance your emotions and provide instant relief from the stress.Walking around tress every day will improve your mental health.

* Improves memory power :

People working around tress are tend to have more memory power than people who reside in urbane areas.The calmness around tress help you to concentrate more effectively.

This is the reason why we see writers spending time in the woods for their writings.

* Positive thoughts :

Tress removes the negative energy in us.They plant positive thoughts and optimism.There is a reason why ancient saints have chosen pleasant greenary areas for meditation.

Plants give you patience and ray of hope in bad circumstances.

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