Why Each Covid Wave Impacts Our Bodies Differently?

What is the reason every Covid waves affects our bodies in a different way?

London 17th August : The disruption in the metabolism of the body is the reason for each Covid wave affects us in a different way scientists have discovered by using an artificial intelligence model.
The researchers from the University of Surrey identified what they believe to be the most potent metabolic indicators of Covid This is a new discovery that could help in understanding and treatment options for those who suffer from signs of the disease for months following diagnosis.

 Why Each Covid Wave Impacts Our Bodies Differently?-TeluguStop.com

The blood samples of patients admitted to hospitals showed that Covid-19 altered the metabolism of patients.The team found that the results of Covid-19 changed as time passed, with the first wave disrupting metabolites in a different manner than the second.

Researchers have observed that a large number of patients’ metabolites returned to normal levels after they were cleared of Covid-19 only a few remained to be affected for several months following infection.

“It is believed that approximately two million people experience symptoms of Covid-19 within a month of the infection, and that 800,000 are still suffering from symptoms after a year.

It is evident that the virus will remain with us for a while and, as such scientists are required to learn more about Covid-19 and why, for a few the symptoms, they last longer than others,” said the lead researcher Holly-May Lewis from the University of Surrey.

The study examined the blood samples of the 164 hospitalized patientsincluding one in 123 with Covid-19, and 41 who had an PCR test that was negativeover the initial two phases of infection.Nineteen positive patients also gave samples from two to seven months after the infection.

With the help of an artificial intelligence algorithm, the group discovered six metabolites which can be used to determine Covid-19 with 91% accuracy.

“To our knowledge it is the first time that it has been established that Covid-19 is altering the metabolism of patients in a different way than in the beginning, which we believe is due to new variants.It is known that various Covid variants are associated with a variety of symptoms and symptoms, so it is logical that this is related to changes in blood chemical composition,” said professor Melanie Bailey from the university.