‘un Provided $3.13mn Cash Aid To Afghanistan In Past 3 Months’ #cash #afghanistan

‘UN provided $3.13mn cash aid to Afghanistan in past 3 months’ #cash #Afghanistan

Kabul, Feb 11 : The UN has provided $3.13 million cash assistance to Afghanistan over the past three months, the country’s central bank has said.

 ‘un Provided $3.13mn Cash Aid To Afghanistan In Past 3 Months’ #cash-TeluguStop.com

“Afghanistan Bank welcomes UN humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan and calls for further assistance and cooperation,” TOLO News reported on Thursday citing Saber Momand, spokesman of the central bank, as saying.

Meanwhile, some economists consider this aid to be important in reducing poverty in the country amid the ongoing humanitarian crisis.

“Afghanistan needs more aid to be able to help our infrastructure, such as our production, industry and agriculture,” said Seyar Quraishi, an economist.

“The world financial assistance can help us solve the liquidity problem, improve monetary stability and control the exchange rate,” said Shakir Yaqoubi, another economist.

In the meantime, the Taliban government called on the world to provide more aid to Afghanistan.

“The start of formal interaction, as well as the expansion of various interactions, especially trade and economic interactions, can save Afghanistan from the current economic crisis,” said Inamullah Samangani, deputy spokesman of the Taliban.

After the fall of the former government in August last year, nearly $10 billion of Afghan assets were frozen in US banks and international aid to the country was cut off.


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