This Is The Only Way Left For Telugu Cinema Heads??

There is strong negativity on the Cinematography amendment bill in Andhra Pradesh.The Andhra Pradesh state govt introduced online ticketing and said that only four shows would be allowed in the theatres.

 This Is The Only Way Left For Telugu Cinema Heads??

With this, it has been revealed that the upcoming Akhanda, which is scheduled to release next week, will receive a huge blow followed by the big-budgeted films like Pushpa, RRR, Radhe Shyam and Bheemla Nayak.It has become questionable what the Tollywood senior actors would do as this bill would affect the producers much.

Online ticketing would be allowed only at prices set by the Andhra Pradesh state govt, said Minister Perni Nani.It seems like the senior actors are left with no other way but to fight in court against the amended bill.

Andhra Pradesh state government received backlashes from the High court in many issues since YCP came into power.

The seniors in Tollywood are expected to approach the High court challenging the government’s decision.

Otherwise, the producers should remain afraid of what will happen if the government confronts them.So there is no other way but to go to court if the situation does not change after meeting CM YS Jagan.

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