Television Host Anasuya Responed To Troller For Making A Harsh Comment

Television Host Anasuya responed to troller for making a harsh comment

The actress and TV personality Anasuya Bharadwaj has appeared in special songs like Suya Suya Anasuya and Ding Dong.She will also be seen shaking a leg for the special song in the upcoming film Chaavu Kaburu Challaga in which RX 100 and 90 ML fame Kartikeya is playing the lead role.

 Television Host Anasuya Responed To Troller For Making A Harsh

Anasuya Bharadwaj has responded after a netizen trolling her for performing a special number in the Telugu film Chaavu Kaburu Challaga.The netizen’s post came after the special song Paina Pataaram was released on 1st March.

  A netizen named Twinkle said, “Item songs cheyanu annaru kada mari identi andi… Aina aa lyrics endi.” To which Anasuya Bharadwaj replied, “Adi “item” song kadu, asalu “item” song anedi edi ledama, oka pata ki una cast kakunda special ga evarana kavali anukunappudu “special” song ostundi Okapudu ammai ni vastuvu la treat chesevallu ichina peru adi And aa Lyrics valle nenu ee special song oppukunanu.

Rangasthalam lady added, “Also nenu special songs cheyanu ani analede.please I would suggest you make use of the social media handles to directly ask me if you have any doubt about me, ipudu chesinanta vetakaranga kakapoina honest ga enana telusukovalante nenu tapakunda answer chestanu.

Anasuya Bharadwaj concluded it by saying, “Please don’t blindly believe “according to a source” or career is my beliefs and choices.not what someone writes or types.”


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