Sirona Sets New Records, Crosses The Sale Of 10 Lakh Menstrual Cups In India

Sirona sets new records, crosses the sale of 10 lakh menstrual cups in India

This is a first ever by any company in India. Sirona has been at the forefront of driving the change towards sustainable menstruation with its category leading menstrual cup.

 Sirona Sets New Records, Crosses The Sale Of 10 Lakh Menstrual Cups In

21st July 2022| New Delhi: Sirona, India’s premier feminine hygiene start-up successfully crosses sales of 10 lakh units of its menstrual cups in India, becoming the first Indian company to achieve this milestone.

Over the years, Sirona has been instrumental in leading the change in the “taboo” period category, “cupverting” or converting over 10 lakh women to menstrual cups that are a sustainable, economical and a convenient choice for period management.

This achievement shows how education and conversations driven by Sirona in this category are helping women challenge premonitions and make better informed decisions.

Sirona Menstrual Cups are FDA-approved, made of 100% medical-grade silicone, offer up to 8 hours of leakproof protection and complete freedom from rashes.

A menstrual cup also generates no sanitary waste and lasts for upto 10 years – making them an eco-friendly and economical option to manage monthly periods.Sirona Menstrual Cup is also an Amazon Bestseller and Amazon Choice product.

Commenting on the achievement, Mr.Deep Bajaj, CoFounder & CEO, Sirona said, “Since the inception, our sole objective has been to impact the lives of women positively with innovative products that solve unaddressed feminine hygiene issues.

We also educate and share unbiased information with our customers that empowers them to make the right decision.I am extremely proud of this milestone that we have achieved.

In the times to come, we hope to create more impact with our products, services, content and community and provide a complete ecosystem to women in this category.”On the account of Sirona crossing the sale of 10 lakh menstrual cups in India, the company released a video showcasing employees, customers and even the founders celebrating this feat.

Talking about the #10LakhSironaCupverts Campaign, Anika Wadhera, Head of Marketing and Brand Communications at Sirona said, “Sirona was probably the first brand to introduce menstrual cups in India.Over the years, with education led communication, the right content and a good product we have made periods, rash-free, leak-free, trash-free and cash-free for menstruators and saved lakhs of pads from going to the landfill.

To make menstrual health inclusive, the Sirona Hygiene Foundation also works towards improving the menstrual hygiene of underprivileged menstruators in India by providing them with category education and free menstrual cups.Over 1 lakh women have already been educated about good menstrual health practices and over 5000 menstrual cups have been donated as a part of the foundation’s “lakhon khwayishen” program.We have come a long way.It definitely calls for a celebration!”Sirona offers a comprehensive range of products for women that solve unaddressed problems from puberty to menopause.The company’s key product lines are period, intimate, hair removal and toilet hygiene.