Most Shocking Bollywood Wardrobe Malfunctions  

Most Shocking Bollywood Wardrobe Malfunctions -

Most Shocking Bollywood Wardrobe Malfunctions

Well you know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, but these shocking wardrobe malfunctions will leave you speechless.If you’re a celebrity, you probably want to check twice just to make sure that the paparazzi won’t capture an embarrassing moment for you.Even though these actresses have done spectacular performances by winning fans all over the world, they also made it to the gossip columns of many magazines through these years.Take a look of the most shocking and oops Bollywood wardrobe malfunction moments: - Most Shocking Bollywood Wardrobe Malfunctions-Latest News - Telugu-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image

#1.Parineeti Chopra

The star of many shows is quite the “star” of wardrobe malfunctions too.This actress had too many shocking moments that we don’t even know where to start.She had a problem while presenting live on a show; her white skirt slipped too often while making her discomfort.She also was shown later on with an orange dress that was apparently too tight to her body and she left with a crack showing us the back part of the body.

And the final moment when wearing an almost see-through black t-shirt and leaving us with the white bra that was totally showing off.


One of the most beautiful girls of Bollywood had her slippery moment at “Indian Bridal Fashion Week”.She was wearing a sexy black dress with a side slit that opened way too much.

Props to her for managing it in the best way possible even though being in this embarrassing moment and the spotlight of many viewers and cameras.

#3.Alia Bhatt

Even though a beautiful diva for the public, she grabbed the spotlight of wardrobe malfunctions two times.The actress seems that forgot to cross her legs in a promotional event, by showing us more that we asked for.And also while promoting a new movie, the co-star VarunDhawan while grabbing her showed us Alia’s choice of underwear.

#4.Gauhar Khan

The star of television shows and flicks showed us a tremendous part of her body while attending a fashion show.The two piece suit looked amazing until Gauhar Khan turned around while leaving us with the exposed rear part of her.Guess they shouldn’t have made her wear those tight pants when they clearly didn’t fit very good.

#5.Amisha Patel

The beautiful actress that loves to party too much.She decided to wear an entirely short dress to a party she lately attended while sitting on the couch, holding her drink and showing us her white underwear.

It looks like the paparazzi never miss a thing while providing us with gossip for the following days though I don’t think that’s in Amisha’s favor.


This former beauty queen had her embarrassing moment at a gym inauguration in Mumbai.Though she really wanted to show her ‘fitness’ side, her dress wasn’t cooperating that much.

When she tried to lift some weights and got her arms up, her dress slipped more than it should while leaving us with a side view of her delicate.


One of the highest paid actresses in India had her moment too.She was seen in a feather dress in a glamorous event.Even though the dress looked perfect in the front, it wasn’t made the way it should have been from behind.It was clearly too short, and the paparazzi naturally grabbed the moment of her showing back part.

Maybe it was time for her to change her designer.

#8.KareenaKapoor Khan

This Indian queen who ruled the Indian film industry for over a decade didn’t survive without grabbing the attention of the media.Her beautiful dress seems to have betrayed her while slipping through her arm.Fortunately, a hand is seen on the pictures helping her, and she had to keep her piece of clothing with only a safety pin for the next hour.

#9.Anushka Sharma

A model, producer and one of the most famous and highest paid actresses in India.She was wearing a breathtaking blue dress on a show, even though it didn’t go very well with the high chair she was sitting on.When she tried to go up her dress was trapped under the chair and it almost got ripped.

#10.Jacqueline Fernandez

A really lucky actress that had her friend by her side.Jacqueline was saved by the actress Sonam who was really fast to realize that her friends dress had some buttons open and she fixed the problem by saving her from all these gossip columns even though they didn’t miss the paparazzi’s cameras who were also pretty fast to realize that something was going on.